Policy Statement:  


Our Company is committed to protect the environment, and improve working conditions in our plants to maintain a safe and healthy work environment. Protection of the environment will become an integral part of our business activity and to achieve this objective we will attempt to:
  Prevent pollution due to fumes and dust emission in identified areas.  
  Implement good management practices in housekeeping, waste management and disposal.  
  Use natural resources efficiently throughout the operations and encourage recycle and re-use wherever possible.  
  Provide adequate safety equipments in the plants and to educate our employees regarding its benefits and proper use.  
  Document and implement a systematic method of managing the environment in order to continuously improve the company’s performance and comply with all the applicable at our customers’ plants applicable legal & other requirements.  
  Attempt to compensate the ill effects of our operations on the environment to the maximum extent possible.  
    Date: 1st  February 2006                                                      VIJAY MENON.  
                                                                                           MANAGING  DIRECTOR  

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