To be a leader in our chosen field of activity,
* By providing products and services that exceed customer expectations.
* By leveraging our knowledge base to provide customers with value enhancement opportunities.
* By providing our customers with a valid economic reason to buy from us.
* By developing technological skills and process skills to gain competitive advantage.




To dedicate ourselves for the global services  through enterprise.
To strive to create Institutions of Excellence which should serve as role model in terms of,
* Product quality
* Customer partnerships
* Creation of Human Resource Wealth
* Integration with the society to which we belong.
* To use honest business practices to maximize Productivity, Efficiency, Profits and Long term stakeholder value as only those that are strong will be of use to society.




Work sincerely and ethically to enhance stakeholder value. To enhance value to the society we belong to through,
* Value generation,
* Environment protection,
* Safety & Health of our employees and Community Development

  Date: 01/01/2015 VIJAY MENON

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