In all our work Safety of personnel is of paramount importance
To minimise potential risk to employees in manufacturing processes and communities and keep our business operations environmentally sound by setting up of effective H.S.E management in our organization.

To maintain a healthy and safe environment in our organization. Health, Safety and Environment is one of the important part of our mission and we shall manufacture our product and develop our project without adverse effect on human being as well as on environment through: 

  • Comply with requirements of all applicable statutory and regulatory provisions
  • Employees involved through effective training and awareness
  • Study and observation of involvement of employees in H.S.E activitiesfor each individual at different levels/forums
  • Ensuring all the customers, suppliers, contractors and other agencies visiting our premises are following plant safety rules and regulations
  • To prevent accidents and occupational damages through best practises like safety audit and risk assessment.
  • Prevention of pollution and conservation of natural resources.

This policy is communicated and understood within the organization.
The management sincerely believes that accidents are preventable and our aim is to achieve "Zero Accident Level".
We are fully committed to this policy.

Date:- 1st September, 2013.

                                             VIJAY MENON
                           Managing Director 



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