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Covid 19 Initiative


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Leveraging its knowledge in Engineering Design & Production, our team of Engineers at Menon & Menon Ltd. has taken the initiatives in designing & prototyping several products to support the fight against the Covid Virus.

Products Developed








Cost Effective Respiratory Support

Menon & Menon team has developed BVM based Mechanical Ventilators. These can be an effective solution for respiratory support for 80 % of Covid patients requiring ventilation. ( only the balance 20% will require Intubation using critical care ventilators )

Ventilator Prototype developed by Menon & Menon Ltd

Evolution of the Idea

On the path towards Herd Immunity from Covid-19 there will be increasing no. of cases and an acute shortage of critical care ventilators. To address the acute shortage of Ventilators the Government of India had invited some automobile industries to partner with appropriate technology owners and help in manufacturing ventilators in India.

Menon and menon ltd's team has always been eager to do our bit for society and believes it is our duty to do our little bit to help humanity come out of this crisis. Inspired by the thoughts from our CMD and Board of Directors our team sprung into action by setting up various task forces to work on COVID-19 requirements. Our organis tion has some of the best people in the industry, coming from various backgrounds including mechanical, electrical and electronics engineering, sub teams were carefully carved out for carrying out various tasks. Teams were formed to work on specific tasks.

Research for a Simplified Device

One such task force started working on ventilators. This team led by Mr. Pravin Tale (AVP-Operations) consisted of Mr. Rahul Patil , Mr. Ramesh Babu (Maintenance Head), Mr. Yogesh Kamble (Mechanical Team Leader), Mr. Sunil Kudache (Electronics Engineer) and Mr. Amit Jagtap.

A study was carried out on ventilators available in market and their functionality. On carrying out detailed study it was understood that critical care ventilators will require many sophisticated electronic components and devices, which are mostly imported. The lockdown situation in the country will limit getting components for building such a ventilator. The other alternative for lesser critical patients was building a mechanical ventilator. Mechanical ventilator is a simple mechanical device which operated a 'Bag Valve mask (BVM)' also known as 'Ambu-bag'.

BVMs are devices, where in the balloon needs to be compressed appropriately to deliver air into the lungs of patients. This compression and decompression should match the breathing rate of patients on whom it is being administered. Generally the breathing rate varies between 15 to 20 times every minute and BVM has to be operated at that rate. To enable automatic compression of BVM, we came up with an idea of creating a mechanical device which will operate BVM at desired breathing rate. BVMs or Ambu-bags are used on patients who are not so critical but require some support for comfortable breathing. Supply of mechanical ventilators can be used for lesser-critical patients and will free up critical care ventilators for extremely critical patients. Through discussions with doctors we understand that around 10% of Covid positive cases will require respiratory support – out of which around 2% would be extremely critical and require intubation, while the remaining 8% could use mechanical ventilators.


Design & Construction


The mechanical compression and decompression of BVM was given shape through the design of a device which will be operated by an electric motor. The electric motor will drive a gearbox, which will in turn operate a cam. The cam's circular motion will be converted to linear motor. This linear motion will operate an arm which will compress and decompress BVM.

Variable Features:

Our design of the ventilator is based on two variable features – variable breathing rates and inhalation/inspiration volume for each patient. Firstly, since the breathing rate varies for each patient based on his/her condition, the frequency of compression should also vary. Secondly, since the volume of air required for inhalation/inspiration also varies from patient to patient, our ventilator is designed for the volume to be adjustable.

Design Validation:

Our design was shared with subject experts / academicians from Kolhapur Institute of Technology College of Engineering (Shivaji University, Kolhapur) and IIT-B professors for their inputs. We also shared the design with professors from KLE and several medical practitioners from CPR and other hospitals in Kolhapur. Based on all the feedback, our design was modified. Given the urgency of the situation, we started building a prototype.

Technical Details

An adult BVM with capacity of 1500 to 2000 ml, easily available in the market is considered for designing this mechanical ventilator. The balloon of such BVM is generally of 130mm diameter. To compress this BVM the construction consisted of an induction motor which drives a gearbox. The gearbox ratio of 1:45 or closer is considered for construction of prototype. An induction motor of 0.13 kW (single phase or 3 phase) is sufficient for this purpose. This gearbox is coupled to a cam which will drive links to convert this rotary motion to linear motion. The construction details are given below , please see drawings attached.

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

The speed of induction motor will be controlled by a variable frequency drive (VFD), which will be set as per breathing rate of patients. The breathing rate can be varied between 5 to 32 times per minute. The speed variation can be easily set by a knob which will be provided on a control box. For adjusting volume of air being pumped into the patients lung, the total compression of BVM is being varied. The compression of BVM is being carried out by two arms (fixed arm and moving arm). The moving arm compresses BVM at set frequency, but the amount of compression is being varied by adjusting the distance of fixed arm. Moving the fixed arm away from moving arm will reduce air volume and bringing it closer to moving arm will increase air volume.

The prototype is mostly constructed of mild steel, which will be appropriately coated to meet medical devices regulatory requirements. The parts are machined to dimensions as designed, so as to fulfil the functional requirements.

The operation modes of this mechanical ventilator is given in below drawings

Operation of Ventilator

Current Status and Next Steps

The initial trial of this ventilator was successful and meets all the expectations considered in the design. After initial trials this ventilator is to be taken up for testing and approval by the district administration / regulating body.

Reference and Consultation

1. Consultation of Kolhapur Institute of Technology College of Engineering (KITCE), Kolhapur. Professor Subhash Mane , Professor Asif Kureshi and Professor S.M.Pise
2. Consultation of IIT-B (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay) Professor B Ravi
3. Consultation of Professors from KLE
4. Consultation with Mr. Umesh Jadar and Mr. Prashant Gurav
– Engineering professionals working in Biomedical Field.
5. Consultation of Dr. Vikas Bamne.
6. Product specification of AMBU bag as given by M/s Ambu India Pvt Ltd
7. Inputs from ISO standard ISO 60601 series
8. Inputs from ISO standard ISO 80601 series

Various Initiatives Status & Feedback

Sr.No Product Status Feedback of user Photo
1 Mechanical Ventilator Prototype ready for validation “Very useful product for 8% total cases of coronavirus. Currently availability of ventilators a huge issue” – Doctor from private hospital regarding design
2 Semi -Fowler Bed Sample Ready Feedback awaited
3 Hospital trolley Sample making is in process
4 Disinfection Tunnel Sample manufactured and installed at KMC’s Election office , inquiries received from DMart , Shivaji University for 10 more tunnels “Excellent job by Menon Team. Lot of need for this product ” – Local Corporator
5 Masks 500 nos made and distributed to doctors, hospital service staff etc Thank you for giving us masks. Great quality. We need more masks ” – Doctor
6 PPE Kit Samples made “ Perfectly designed & manufactured for treating Corona patients “- Doctor
7 Sanitizer Sample Ready as per WHO guidelines “Seems to be very effective. We would like to keep some large quantities in our common areas ” – Sarpanch of Gram Panchayat
8 Service Helpline Deliveries to over 25 families for groceries and medicines post launch “ Great service to society. We were able to receive items on time and in a contact -less manner. Thank you to the delivery team who has selflessly helped out” - User

The Teams Working On This Initiative

Leadership Team
Mr. Pravin Tale
Mr. Rahul patil

Team 1

Task Team
Develop and manufacture Face mask, Aprons, Face Shield, Oxygen mask, Hand gloves and Head caps Leader
Ranjeet Ghatage
Omkar Chavhan
Swapnil Patil
Mayuresh Siknis

Team 2

Task Team
Develop and manufacture Sanitizers, Test kits, hand wash, Disinfectant sprays, Medicines and organise for Blood requirements Leader
Uttam Patil
Sunil Patil
Somnath Humberwadi
Sandeep Naikwadi

Team 3

Task Team
Develop and manufacture Ventilators, Ambu-bags, Temperature measurement (non-contact), Low cost beds, semi-fowler beds, fowler beds and isolation facilities Leader
Ramesh Babu
OYogesh Kamble
D. R. Patil
Sunil Kudache
Sambaji Lohar
Amit Jagtap

Team 4

Task Team
Providing social services for Food distribution, PPE distribution, Medicine distribution Leader
Jitendra Akkalkotkar
Shashikant Patil
Vinod Patil
Sangram Talap

Team 5

Task Team
Design and manufacturing of equipments like Disinfection tunnel , Disinfection spray machines , small machines for PPE’s manufacturing Leader
Narayan Tonape
Amar Gurav
Basavraj Nelogal
Anil Patil

Support Team

Task Team
Ideating, Taking appropriate permissions in lock down, collection of material and people from various locations, executing the required work like fabrication, assembly. Shreya Menon
Mohit Patil
Ananda Parle
Kashinath Chougule
Manoj Ingawale
Anil Patil
Dilipsing Rajput
Vishal Eiad
Arihant Fabricators